The Benefits of Dog Massage

Massage can enhance your relationship with your dog.

Many people know the benefits of massage for people, especially if they have had an injury. It can also be a very relaxing experience. It the same way, your dog can benefit from pet massage. You can choose to do the massage yourself, or get your vet to do it (or at least he may be able to recommend a professional that is experienced in that field).

Some of the benefits of massaging your dog:

  • Help him recover after an injury or strain
  • Calm an excitable dog
  • Enhance blood circulation and other body functions
  • Restore and maintain muscle tone
  • A chance to bond with your dog and increase trust
  • It’s relaxing!

A Dog’s Life… Can be Strenuous Too

Consider that your dog has undergone a lot of activity in his life span. He runs and jumps and twists in all his energetic play. Chances are he could have wrenched his back at some point while he jumped to catch a Frisbee. He could have simply jumped off the bed the wrong way and pulled a muscle. He could have twisted his foot as he scrambled across a field after a rabbit. There are many ways your dog could have received an injury that you may not have been aware of. Perhaps you may have noticed him being a little sluggish after an exciting day of exercise. His sluggishness could be as a result of an injury. This might be the time when a doggie massage could help him.

Dogs can pull muscles during play, just like us.

Relaxing and Calming

A massage could also help your dog relax in his everyday life as well. If you have an excitable pet, giving him a massage to calm him down may be beneficial. Remember that relaxing feeling you get after a massage? Massaging your pet could give him that same feeling.

Health Enhancing

A dog massage could also help keep your dog healthy. Massage for humans enhances a number of physical body functions, and the same holds true for your pet.

Improved Body Functions

Massage can improve his blood circulation. It will help to open his blood vessels which aids in getting more oxygen and nutrients distributed throughout his body. This can help flush out waste and toxins from his body thereby improving his overall health.

Calming touch relaxes an excitable pooch.

Pain Relief

Massage can also be beneficial in restoring and maintaining your dog’s muscle tone. It can help loosen those constricted muscles that may be causing him pain. This will result in an increased range of motion for him as well—so he can run and play another day. An arthritic dog could especially benefit in this regard.

Injury Recovery

If your dog has sustained an injury, or even perhaps have had surgery, giving him a gentle massage can help him recover sooner. It may also help ease any pain he may be suffering as a result of his injury or surgery.

Massage can help a dog convalesce.

Bond With Your Dog

If you decide to give your dog the massage yourself, this can also help improve your relationship with your pet. Consider the bonding experience you both will share as you soothe his bodily pains. Your touch and attention can prove to be a special time that you both share together. And, it can also help to gain your dog’s trust as you minister to his body and provide a relaxing atmosphere for him.

Your Dog Deserves the Best Care!

Giving your dog a massage will also give you peace of mind for yourself. You will know that you are providing your pet with the best possible care you can give him.


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I love dog massage and consider it an important part of bonding time. I like to take an hour or so each week and massage each one of my dogs. This is great for them and lets me know if anything has changed. Dog massage can help you identify problems with your dog before it is too late.
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