Ten Household Items That Can Poison Your Pet

Onions are just one of many common items potentially toxic to your dog.

Common household items can be toxic for dogs and cats. Ingestion of just a small amount of some cleaning products, food, and plants can be fatal. Other toxins, exposed to paws and skin, can cause serious illnesses. Be sure to keep the following items away from your pet.

  1. Laundry detergents and fabric softener sheets can smell sweet and intrigue a curious pet. If ingested, these can cause digestive problems, irritation of the mouth and tongue, and even death. Never put a fabric softener sheet in a pet’s bed or kennel to make it smell fresher.

  2. Mouse and ant killers can be tracked around the house. If exposed to a paw, it can easily be ingested causing a host of health issues. Bring your pet immediately to the vet if you suspect they have had contact with this type of poison.

  3. Chocolate, even in small amounts, can harm a dog’s heart and nervous system. Never feed a dog any food containing chocolate.

  4. Ice melt on driveways and stairs can easily become stuck to paws and fur. When an animal cleans itself, ingesting the chemicals in the ice melt, there can be harmful reactions including skin irritations, seizures, and even death.

  5. Oleander, mistletoe, and lily plants are toxic to dogs and cats. Just one leaf from an oleander can kill a small pet. When discarding these plants, do not burn them. Inhaling the smoke can be harmful or even fatal to a pet.

  6. Macadamia nuts contain a toxin that can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive and nervous systems.

  7. Tylenol can be fatal for a pet. Never give dogs or cats any pain medication intended for humans. If a pet appears to be in pain, contact your vet.

  8. Antifreeze is deadly for dogs. The sweet smell attracts many dogs who lap up the pungent liquid. Use a pet friendly alternative to antifreeze.

  9. Avocados, raisins, grapes, and onions all contain toxins that are very dangerous for dogs. These foods can cause kidney failure and digestive problems. Onions can be particularly dangerous so never feed a dog any leftovers such as pizza or Chinese food.

  10. Mouthwash contains boric acid, which can be extremely harmful to your pet. Never rinse your pet’s mouth with an antiseptic intended for humans. And keep the liquid out of reach as the smell can attract dogs and cats.

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I love this site. Good info.
any references for this info?
Helen Valenti
great to know
[email protected]
this really helps i didnt knoe pizza was harmful to dogs
I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?
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GREAT site and will be adding a link to my web page http://www.petshackofnorthside.com where I advertise my Chihuahua, English Bull ^ Rottie Pups for sale. AWESOME SITE!
i didn't know about some of this. VERY HELPFUL.
this is very very use full site for pet lovers...i love this site...
Interesting info, however...my 20 lb. miniature pincher ate an entire box of Whitman's Sampler ( at least a pound of chocolate) left by accident on the table as a gift for my daughter (it was giftwrapped). She made a mess the next day, but I've never seen any other ill effects. She must have quite a constitution, and eight more lives.
great website really cool
I like it. It really provides some important note for your lovely pet.
It is only toxic when the canine consumes his/her weight in chocolate. But like people, reactions very and can not be determined by what has happened to other dogs bc it does contain chemicals that can be potentially harmful to dogs
""Chocolate It may be the ultimate feel-good treat, but chocolate has quite the opposite effect on your cat or dog. The chemical methylxantine is toxic to dogs and in high doses can cause abnormal heartbeats, seizures and death. In addition to the breed and size of your pet, chocolate type is also an important factor in the severity of intoxication. Dr. Schoeffler says the richer the chocolate, the higher the methylxantine content. Therefore, milk chocolate accidents are much less severe than cases involving Baker's chocolate.""
roberto alejandro
esto es muy bueno para nosotros y para la mascota
oops, we feed our dogs pizza all the time.
sherry/[email protected]
My sons dog ate about a pound of home made playdough and died.The salt made her brain swell. Beware
Homemade playdough can be lethol to your dog
My past dog lived to be 17 plus years old and throughout her life she ate avocado on a daily basis due to the avacado trees in our back yard. she never showed any signs of illness or discomfort. she loved them.
Great site, great article, very useful information
[email protected]
Awesome web site..! i didn't know a couple of the things listed on here.. Thank you for the info..!
my dog got into my Halloween face paint, can you please tell me if i should be alarmed or more so if it will make him sick?
Thank you so much for putting this article out there. So many people don't know all the household items that can hurt a pet. Hopefully a lot of people will see this and won't make the mistake of letting their dog get into this stuff. Love Cockapoos?Lots of good cockapoo info here:http://www.cockapoocrazy.com/
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